Sushi Roll Recipes

Rolling sushi is like riding a bike: once you have the sushi roll recipes and a few basic techniques down- you will never forget how to do them. Rolls (also known as maki) are the most common way to enjoy sushi. This is where I will show you the basic techniques behind the art. I will show you the 3 basic roll types:

  • Uramaki (inside out roll)
  • Hosomaki (skinny roll)
  • Futomaki (fat roll)

As well as a couple of advanced rolls, later on:

  • Temaki (hand roll)
  • Katsuramuki (using thinly sliced cucumber instead of nori )
  • Nigiri
  • Sashimi
  • Onigiri


The recipes listed below are personal renditions of the rolls listed. Each sushi bar has its own rendition of rolls and has the right to change the ingredients. I will do my best to provide you with the most common ingredients and their variations for each roll.

Some of the recipes listed below will use one or more sauces. To get instructions on how to make these sauces (and more custom sauces) visit the Sauce page.   The recipes in this section of the website will be updated at least once a month- if not more. Please be sure to check back frequently to see if your favorite maki has been added!

Sushi Roll Recipes - custom sushi roll on a bamboo plate.

Don’t see the recipe you would like to make? Visit the Contact page of this website to submit a request. I will do my best to research your roll and teach you how to make it! Please allow a minimum of one week to upload the tutorial.

All sushi roll recipes will require the following tools:

Before you start the tutorial on How to Roll Sushi, make sure you have these tools available:


Raw Sushi Roll Recipes

Crazy Cajun Roll

(spicy crawfish salad, cucumber, & avocado) salmon, spicy mayo, & tobiko on top.

Devil's Advocate Roll

(Sesame salmon, cream cheese, and cucumber) spicy mayo drizzle and spicy pistachios. 

Firecracker Roll

(Escolar, yellowtail, cucumber, & avocado) Spicy tuna, jalapeno slices, sriracha dots, & green onions.

Great White Roll

(Escolar, avocado, and cucumber) Ebi, Spicy Mayo, and Eel Sauce drizzled on top. 

Japanese Bagel Roll

(Smoked salmon, cucumber, & cream cheese)

Cooked Sushi Roll Recipes

California Roll

(imitation crab salad, cucumber, & avocado)

Canyon or Volcano Roll

(tempura-fried squid & avocado) spicy crawfish salad, drizzled in spicy mayo and baked, topped with green onions. 

Caterpillar Roll

(tempura-fried shrimp & cucumber) sliced avocado, eel sauce, and sesame seeds.

Chicken Katsu Roll

(tempura-fried chicken thighs and romaine lettuce) drizzled with spicy mayo and eel sauce.

Dark Side Roll

(snow crab meat, jalapeno spears, avocado, and wonton crisps) black tobiko and sriracha on top.

Florida Roll

(spicy crawfish salad, cucumber, and avocado)


(tamago, gobo, asparagus, cucumber, and asparagus) topped with garlic mayo and sesame seeds.

Heaven Roll

(tempura-fried coconut shrimp, asparagus, and avocado) tempura-fried imitation crab stick, garlic mayo, lemon slices, green onion, and shichimi togarashi. 

New York Roll

(shrimp, cucumber, and avocado)