Avocado Roll

The Avocado Roll is very simple to make, but tastes incredible. You can find the ingredients in almost any major supermarket and start making these in no time.

There are a few different ways to make an avocado roll, but for this tutorial I’ll be showing you how to make it in the half-futomaki style (we call it that because it only used a half-sheet of nori instead of a full sheet).

For this tutorial, you will need:

  • 1 Cup of Seasoned Sushi Rice (190 grams)
  • Half-sheets of Nori
  • 1 Avocado
  • Sharp Knife
  • Cutting Board
  • Bowl of water
  • Makisu (wrapped in cellophane)

This recipe makes 3 Avocado Rolls.

Cutting Your Avocado

There are a few different ways that you can cut avocados for sushi, but the two ways that I will show you start off the same way:

1. Slice a small portion off the top, removing where the stem meets the fruit.



Futomaki 5


2. Carefully slice the avocado vertically until you feel your knife reach the pit:

Futomaki 6

3. Slowly rotate the avocado in a straight line until you reach the point from where you started:

Futomaki 7

Note: It’s easier to rotate the avocado than it is to rotate your knife. This should also help you keep your cutting line straight.

4. Set your knife down and twist the two avocados halves in separate directions.

Futomaki 8


5. Use your knife to remove the pit. To do this, CAREFULLY tap your knife into the pit and twist the knife counter clockwise with one hand while holding the avocado in place with your other hand.

Note: Some avocado pits are more solid than others. I have cut completely through a pit and into my own hand on a few occasions. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this step, then you can remove the pit using a spoon and scooping it out.

Futomaki 9

Futomaki 10

Here is where you have two options:

1.You can either peel the avocado and then slice


2. You can make larger slices while the peel is still on.

Here is option #1:

1. Set your knife down and carefully remove the peel of each avocado half.

Futomaki 11

Futomaki 12


2. Carefully make thin slices – roughly 3-4mm in width:

Futomaki 13

Here’s the end result, fanned out on a plate with other ingredients:

Futomaki 14

Here’s option #2:

1. Using a small knife, carefully drag the tip, vertically along the peel of the avocado – slicing it while it’s still in the peel. Start with one side of the avocado and work your way to the other side:

avocado roll

Note: You can use a larger knife if you would like, but it is generally easier to use a smaller knife.

2. Once you’ve reached the other side, use a large spoon to scoop out the avocado.

avocado roll slicing

It’s best to slide the spoon in between the avocado “meat” and the peel on one side and then work your way to the other. I like to start on the bottom and then work my way to both sides.

avocado roll slicing

avocado roll slicing - removing the peel

Be sure to scrape the spoon along the peel!

avocado roll peel

Here’s what the end result looks like fanned out:

Avocado roll slices

These slices are usually 3x the size of option #1, but are preferred when being used inside of a roll.

Making an Avocado Roll

Now it’s time for the fun part! Here is how to make an avocado roll:

1. Place a tennis ball-sized amount of rice on the rough side of your nori. Make sure that the nori is placed vertically on your makisu and leave approx. 1.5 – 2cm of nori exposed on the top:

Avocado roll

2. Place a few pieces of avocado along the center of your rice.

Avocado roll

Note: You want to try to make the amount of avocado as consistent as possible throughout the roll.

Avocado roll

3. Using your thumbs underneath the makisu, roll the nori and rice up until the nori wraps around the avocado and reaches the rice on the other side:

Avocado roll


4. Dip your fingers into your bowl of water and transfer a few drops onto the exposed portion of the nori (at the top). Once the top of the nori is wet, finish rolling your avocado roll upwards.

Avocado roll

5. Give the roll between 10-15 seconds to allow the wet nori to adhere to the dry portion of nori and then slice your avocado roll into 6 even pieces. Start by slicing the roll in half:

Avocado roll

Next, slice each half into thirds – starting with the rough end:

Avocado Roll slicing

Avocado Roll slicing

Repeat those steps to the other half…

Avocado Roll slicing

6. Flip the end pieces on their side, stagger the remaining 4 pieces, and place them on a plate.

Avocado Roll

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Bryan Sekine with Secrets of Sushi

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I’ve been a professional sushi chef since 2008, but my passion is in teaching others. I have taught over 300 people in my live sushi classes and countless others online!

My goal is to teach people how to make sushi at home while educating them about sustainable seafood practices.

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