The Spider Roll: How to Tempura Fry Soft Shell Crab

How to Make the Spider Roll Hero Image

The Spider Roll is a sushi recipe that really shows off how to tempura fry soft shell crab. This roll is simple to make, beautiful to look at, and delicious to eat! You can also top the roll with Eel Sauce, but that’s optional. It’s iconic appearance makes it a crowd favorite at sushi restaurants […]

Caterpillar Roll: How to Use Avocado on Top of Sushi

Caterpillar Roll Hero Image

The Caterpillar Roll is a sushi recipe that shows off how to really use avocado on top of sushi. This roll is simple to make, beautiful to look at, and delicious to eat! Its iconic appearance makes it a crowd favorite at sushi restaurants all across the United States and a commonly requested roll for […]

Science of Dashi and Why IMP Makes Sushi Taste So Good

science of dashi

Sushi is one of those cuisines that you either love or hate. What is it about the taste of sushi that makes it taste so good? Is there a particular flavor that stands out in your mind? In this article, I’m going to explain why sushi tastes so good and how the science of dashi […]

How to Make Paleo Sushi

How to Make Paleo Sushi

Several people have recently asked me: “Is sushi Paleo?” and  “Is there such a thing as Paleo sushi?” After doing a ton of research and getting several opinions from leading experts in the Paleo community, I discovered that this is apparently a very controversial topic. However, I can definitively say yes, there is such a […]

Yum Yum Sauce

Yum Yum Sauce

Yum Yum Sauce (also known as White Sauce, Sakura Sauce, or Japanese Steakhouse Shrimp Sauce) has been commonly found in Japanese steakhouses for years. More recently, people have started to notice this sauce appearing in sushi restaurants as well. Upon popular request, I have done some research on how to make the best Yum Yum […]

How to Pack Sushi for Lunch (with or without a refrigerator)

Pack Sushi for Lunch Featured Image

The ability to pack sushi for lunch is a wonderful idea. Most of the time, when I talk about eating sushi for lunch, my friends assume that I’m talking going out to a sushi restaurant – but I’m actually talking about packing sushi for lunch. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to do […]

Asparagus Roll: Simple Vegetarian Sushi

Asparagus Roll

The asparagus roll is another very simple roll that you can make at home. There is only one ingredient inside the roll and the rest of the ingredients are commonly found in supermarkets – so it makes for a great recipe to practice your rolling technique! For this tutorial, you will need: 1 Cup of Seasoned […]

Ketogenic Sushi: the katsuramuki

Ketogenic Sushi: the Katsuramuki

One of my favorite things to do as a sushi chef is to come up with a new recipe. Recently, a friend of mine asked me to come up with a recipe for ketogenic sushi. After doing some research on ketosis and learning about the ketogenic diet, I discovered something that made this tutorial quite […]

Avocado Roll

Avocado Roll

The Avocado Roll is very simple to make, but tastes incredible. You can find the ingredients in almost any major supermarket and start making these in no time. There are a few different ways to make an avocado roll, but for this tutorial I’ll be showing you how to make it in the half-futomaki style […]

Sushi Questions: Ask Me Anything About Rolling Sushi at Home

Sushi Questions Featured Image

Ask Your Sushi Questions Here! When I first started training to become a sushi chef, I had a million questions. Luckily, I had my own mentor to watch, learn from, and answer all of my sushi questions. I can’t imagine how long it would take someone to learn how to roll sushi without being able […]