Simple Salmon Roll: How to Make Hosomaki Sushi Like a Pro

Finished Salmon Roll

In the early days of sushi, having actual rolls was very rare. When they did start creating sushi rolls, they were hosomaki. Hosomaki literally translates as “skinny roll” and usually only comes with 1-2 ingredients. This is considered to be one of the most traditional styles of sushi maki (rolls). In this post, I will […]

The Dark Side Roll: Sushi tastes better when you use the Force

Dark Side Sushi Roll

The Dark Side Roll is a creative concoction made by a few friends of mine at Full Moon Sushi. Periodically, the chefs will have challenges to create a themed sushi recipe and this one happens to be one of my favorites. It’s not just because I am a hug fan Star Wars, the roll tastes […]

Simple Sushi Recipe: the Spicy Crab Sushi Roll 

spicy crab sushi roll

The Spicy Crab sushi roll is a fantastic recipe for people who are just starting to learn how to roll sushi at home. It’s simple to work with, simple to make, and simply satisfying. During my early days of training to become a sushi chef, this recipe was key to developing my fundamental rolling technique. […]

How to Find Sustainable Seafood: Vital Choice

Sustainable Seafood - Pacific King Salmon & Sablefish

I believe that finding a trustworthy source of sustainable seafood is extremely important. Back when I was chef at a local sushi bar, we would have fresh fish delivered three times per week. Each time the fish was delivered, one of the appointed sushi chefs would inspect the fish to see if it passed our […]

Is Pre-Made Sushi Safe to Eat?

pre-made sushi

Is Pre-Made Sushi Safe to Eat? When it comes to pre-made sushi, the viewpoints are split pretty evenly down the center. Half of us assume that sushi in a supermarket or grocery store is perfectly fine to eat, while the other half wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole. Pre-made sushi is technically safe to […]

How to Properly Use Cream Cheese in Sushi: The Devil’s Advocate Roll

Final Advocate Roll

There is a lot of controversy out there about using cream cheese in sushi. Some people love it, while many others hate it. It’s certainly not traditional, but it is undeniably popular. There’s a few reasons why I prefer not to use cream cheese in sushi: It dilutes the flavor of most ingredients traditionally used […]

Heaven Roll

Heaven Roll

The Heaven Roll is a fitting name for this sushi recipe! The savory flavors of tempura fried, coconut shrimp are complimented by fresh lemon zest and crisp asparagus. This recipe was the whole reason why I set out to learn how to make Garlic Mayo – and I promise you that after you try it […]

Firecracker Roll

Firecracker Roll

The Firecracker roll is a delightfully spicy sushi recipe. While full in flavor, the level of heat should not be taken lightly. **Disclaimer- Due to tuna being on the sustainable sushi advisory list, it is highly recommended that tuna be avoided (canned tuna as well). Tuna populations, world wide, have dropped by 70%. The only […]

Great White Roll

Great White Roll

The Great White Roll is a recipe that I created while working at my first sushi restaurant. It’s simple to make and sustainable if the ingredients are purchased responsibly. However, there is a bit of caution that needs to be mentioned about this recipe, as it contains Escolar. Escolar, also known as “Super White Tuna”, […]