Strawberry Garnish

A Strawberry Garnish rose was the first garnish that I ever learned in the restaurant industry and it really opened my eyes to the possibilities of garnishing! Fruit garnishing is one of the easiest ways to really make a plate stand out.

This rose is easy to do, it looks fantastic, and it can be done with utensils found in your own kitchen. Plus, if strawberries are in season, they can be found at any grocery store for just a few dollars.

Here are the supplies you will need for this tutorial:

  • 1 carton of fresh strawberries
  • A knife- preferably a small, sharp knife
  • A cutting board

1. The first thing you must do before garnishing with both fruits and vegetables is to make sure that your selections are ripe and clean. I always thoroughly inspect my strawberries and wash them under the tap.
2. Then, set up a cutting board and lay your strawberries in a line with the green leaves down.
3. Now the magic happens. With the knife in hand, start making cuts along the right-hand edge of the strawberry, making sure not to cut all the way down. I usually leave about 1/2 cm at the bottom.
4. After each cut, I rotate the strawberry, about 30 degrees clockwise, and make another cut. It’s important to note that I am right handed. If you are left handed, the steps are exactly the same, except you start on the left edge and rotate counterclockwise.
5. Continue the cuts, rotating the strawberry after each cut, until you create a spiral up the strawberry. Once you reach the top, you should be able to gently pluck the tip of the strawberry off. I usually save these and snack on them later.

6. Once all of your cuts are made, gently take the knife and tilt each “petal” towards the outside. Do you see your creation starting to look like a rose?


Don’t worry if it doesn’t look perfect. It takes a few times to really get a hang of it. Fortunately, you have plenty of strawberries to work with! Each time you make a strawberry garnish it will become a faster and easier process.

After that, you simply place your strawberry garnish on a plate and wow your friends and family. Pretty simple, right?


Bryan Sekine with Secrets of Sushi

Bryan Sekine

I’ve been a professional sushi chef since 2008, but my passion is in teaching others. I have taught over 300 people in my live sushi classes and countless others online!

My goal is to teach people how to make sushi at home while educating them about sustainable seafood practices.

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