the incredible benefits of

Sesame Oil

It’s good to cook with, but even better on sushi.


The Essential Equipment to Make Sushi at Home


While sesame oil sounds overly simple and requires no preparation, it often goes under appreciated and unseen in most rolls.

What is it?

It is exactly as the name says- oil extracted from nutrient rich sesame seeds. It is extremely popular in most Asian countries as a main ingredient for cooking and even as a medicinal supplement!

Did you know that sesame oil contains antioxidants?

It is also rumored to be good for high blood pressure, as it contains high amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids (Omega-6).

In Japanese culture, this oil is considered a flavor enhancer. Most chefs would agree that having a little oil in every dish will help enhance the natural flavors.

The only draw back is that sesame seeds, on their own, are fairly flavorless. However the oil is extremely potent in flavor and should be used sparingly.

Sesame Oil

Sesame Oil

So what would I use it for?

Obviously, this oil is NOT used for dipping sushi into, but it does have several interesting uses.

  • Putting a thin line on top of your sushi
  • Searing meats
  • Stir Fry
  • Mixing in Spicy tuna
  • Salad dressing (mixed in vinaigrette)
  • Flavor enhancer in most foods
  • Facial moisturizer (proven to reduce pore sizes and tighten skin as an anti wrinkle agent! Also approved for use on infants)
  • Cures Athlete’s Foot (No joke)
  • Treats Lice infections
  • UV protection (forget the pricey tanning oil!)
  • High cholesterol supplement
  • Mouth wash (though, it WILL coat the inside of your mouth…)
  • Throat gargle to cure Strep Throat and the Common Cold
  • Anti Inflammatory for insect bites and stings
  • Eco friendly Dandruff shampoo
  • Massage oil (especially on aching joints)

Are you starting to see the benefits of this “miracle oil”?

Sesame Seeds

It’s worth knowing that this oil is 100% pure. The extraction process is simply cold pressed and NEVER comes into contact with any other chemicals, additives, preservatives, or coloring.

Make sure you buy pure sesame seed oil, as any additional ingredients are unnecessary impurities.